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Advanced Poster
Location: Sydney, Australia

Date: 24/12/2007 at 6:00

Merry Xmas all, and a happy new year.

Advanced Poster
Location: skunks bar

Date: 24/12/2007 at 22:58

merry christmas, happy new year to all and happy birthday to me

Location: UK

Date: 25/12/2007 at 1:37

happy xmas

was i first to say it on xmas day sever time?

Advanced Poster
Location: Bishops stortford, England

Date: 25/12/2007 at 10:51

Merry Stuff everyone ^_^

Major Poster

Date: 13/2/2008 at 1:09

Close please, not xmas any more

Expert Poster
Location: hiding in the shadows

Date: 13/2/2008 at 9:08

Starting to make plans for my annual Xmas-in-July myself. Besides we'll need this thread again in Dec 2008 . . . hopefully.

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