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Atorian is a free to play space strategy game that is played online using just this website, you do not need to download any extra software to play, just login to this website and begin the exciting experience of having your very own Atorian Empire to control.

Atorian is constantly live and never stops running. Thousands of players from all around the world take part in battles, diplomacy, research, economy, politics, ship designs, intelligence and much, much more.

Its FREE to play so click here and create your account now, the Atorian Universe awaits you.

"The great thing about atorian is that suggestions from normal players realy get looked at and sometimes integrated in the next episode!"
- Cten, Age 26, Belgum

"Atorian kicks on the after burners and keeps you flyin high!!! best game i ever played!! Strategic mind numbing fun i cant stop playing battle on!!"
- Whistler, Age 41, USA.

"1st space-game I ever played, and definately the best!"
- Eraslayer, Age 15, Poole, Dorset, England.

"I played quite a few number of FREE space-based online games but i would say none of them are as addicting as playing Atorian."
- HellSing, Age 28, Selangor, Malaysia.

"A good game consists of good game play and a good community. Atorian has both of these. With a great team of Creators and Admins, it is easily the best game i have ever played."
- Venom, Age 16, England.